I brew my own tea every morning, I take it with me to work, and to my yoga class. I just feel much better now that I drink tea regularly.I realized I didn’t just buy a tea tumbler but an easy way for me to take care of myself.

Mark Jennnings

I got so many compliments on the bottle for its design, that I decided to buy more as a present to my friends. They loved it! I loved that the company contacted me to make sure I was happy with my purchase: I mean, where do you get such a customer service nowadays?

Jennifer Lu

Our credo: take care of your body and respect Mother Nature

Pure Zen Tea was born in California out of two people’s love for health and nature. We create sustainable products that make it easy to live healthy and consciously. We believe that quality should not come at the expense of good design: our all products are are beautifully designed and follow the highest quality standards.